What is RAC's Reconnect WA initiative?

    Reconnect WA seeks to help WA re-imagine and revitalise streets and public spaces to:

    • Create vibrant and active places for Western Australians to interact and reconnect with our cities and towns, and each other.
    • Inspire and empower residents and business communities to co-design and drive change in their local area.
    • Lay the foundations for longer-term changes to support, safe, sustainable and connected communities.

    More information on Reconnect WA is available at the RAC website.

    What is a 7 Day Makeover?

    This process is a revolutionary approach to reinvigorating a town centre that takes just 7 days! The community participates in the brainstorming, voting, planning and delivery of the final design. For those who choose to get involved, we know you'll feel an immense sense of pride in what you help to create.

    For more info on this innovative approach, please head to 7day.com.au.  

    How do I register my interest/stay in the loop?

    For more information and to register click here.

    To stay up to date with all the latest news, follow us here.

    Sure... but what does getting involved actually look like?

    How much time do I have to give?

    Even just one hour makes a difference! Though we suspect once you get a taste of what the 7DM is all about, you'll want to spend more than just an hour helping bring this exciting project to life.  

    Can I donate?

    You can help make the 7 Day Makeover even BIGGER by donating to the materials budget. 

    Our goal is to raise $35,000. We already have a $25,000 contribution from RAC and Council.

    To donate, or to read more about the perks for investing in your neighbourhood centre, please head here.  

    Can I donate materials? What if I have a useful skill or expertise?

    We love all resources! If you have any particular skills or expertise that you think would be useful to the makeover then we would love to hear about it. 

    We also love to upcycle! Not just raw building materials, but anything from junk to treasured possessions. In one town an old bridge was transformed into the centre piece of the makeover! The greater the variety of resources (and the quirkier), then the more choices participants have to create a point of difference. 

    To add an item or skills to the Resources Bank, please post details under the 'Resources Bank' tab on the project landing page. Or reach out to Alyce on 9439 0289.

    Please note, not all resources are used. We will contact you if participants choose to use your resource.