Community Debrief - UPDATE

Since the 7DM in April there’s been a lot going on! On 4 July 2023, the Wellard community came back together for the 7DM Debrief. This was a chance to talk about what’s working and what could be made even better along The Strand.

The primary outcome from the Debrief was the identification of 7 key focus areas:

  1. Formalise ‘no parking’ areas using linger nodes/infrastructure/landscaping etc.
  2. Replacing the hired picnic tables under the pergola with more permanent structures/parklets
  3. Development and maintenance of the wicking beds
  4. Development and maintenance of The Arcade
  5. Lighting along The Strand
  6. Activities, events and activations
    The ‘next steps’ discussed below do not extend to events/activations. If you’re looking to organise an event or activation, please let us know and we can go from there.
  7. Quick Repairs
    The ‘next steps’ discussed below do not extend to quick repairs as these will be addressed ad hoc as required.

Working Groups

In addition to identifying the above focus areas. Participants nominated working groups to tackle these projects. If you are interested in joining working group, please reach out and we will put you in touch with that project’s Team Leader.

Next Steps

Thanks to the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program the City has secured $50,000 in funding to continue working with the Wellard community in this space. From here the City will support the above project working groups to come together and plan these projects and their budget estimates. The City can provide working groups with the following support: Meeting/workshop facilitation; a space to meet; and a technical team to provide support and guidance (engineers, landscape architects, outdoor crew etc).

Working Groups will pull together a proposal and budget estimate detailing what can be achieved with different levels/amounts of funding. This will then be presented at a workshop where we collectively decide how to allocate the funds.

The City will host the Workshop on Tuesday 5 September 6-8pm at the Wellard Community Centre to allow the community to decide how to allocate the available funds to the identified projects. It is worth noting that the funds do not need to be spent this financial year, and therefore, unspent funds can be retained for future projects.

A full report summarising the evening will can be found here:

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